12/06/2012 08:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2012

Jim Parsons: 'Big Bang Theory' French Maid Outfit Was Almost Something Even More Revealing (VIDEO)

Outrageous costumes have become a regular thing for the cast of "The Big Bang Theory." In one recent episode, Jim Parsons found himself in a classic French maid outfit, which falls outside the realm of their usual geek-inspired costuming. But as Parsons told "Conan," his look in that episode was almost even more revealing.

"That was supposed to be the Princess Leia slave bikini," he said. Parsons ultimately nixed it, as he felt it was "a lot of skin," and there as no way he was in the kind of shape needed to pull that off. Or perhaps it would be better to say "the kind of shape needed to be seen wearing it."

Parsons said he'd need three months of training to be able to wear something like that, so if the writers have any ideas for the season finale, they should probably tell him now. Maybe they could get the entire cast in matching Leia bikinis.

On second thought, that's a terrible idea!

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