12/06/2012 09:03 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Most Expensive Kitchen Costs $1.6 Million (PHOTO)

Sean Gardener/ W1 Features

Some of us dream of owning copper pots, but others own copper-encased refrigerators.

Of course, if you were to have the most expensive kitchen in the world, a copper fridge would be a natural fit -- along with solid copper walls. Claudio Celiberti's design for the kitchen that costs roughly $1.6 million (more than double what most of us pay for entire houses) includes both these features, and a whole lot of crystal.

Celiberti's kitchen -- arguably the most expensive in the world -- is equipped with a Swarovski crystal chandelier ($42,000), wine climate cabinet ($4,400), a crystal island and a $10,000 stone-work top. While there are plenty of outlandishly priced kitchens out there, this stands apart. The eight-month waiting list is evidence to its lavish attraction.


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