12/06/2012 08:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2012

'Nashville' Winter Finale: New Tours, Break-Ups, Secrets Exposed And A Surprise Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

There were several major developments for the characters of ABC's "Nashville" on this midseason finale. After performing together, that live duet between Rayna and Juliette is rocketing up the charts. This led the label to suggest a co-headlining joint tour, and this time around, Rayna didn't say no.

Meanwhile, Deacon got an offer to go on tour with a major band, and while it took him the full hour to consider it, he agreed in the end. Juliette has been growing closer to her new boyfriend, football star Sean. But his mother is concerned with what Juliette's sordid lifestyle and past will do to Sean's squeaky-clean image.

He'd already told her he wouldn't have sex with her until they were married. Is that why she proposed to him at the end of the episode? Other developments saw Avery heading to Atlanta to try and kick-start his carer while a song by Scarlett and Gunnar got optioned. And then there was Teddy and the woman he was not having an affair with. It took her trying to kill herself for Rayna to finally learn the truth about the crimes her husband committed.

Now, all fans have to do is wait until after the holidays to see how all these balls in the air come down.

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