12/06/2012 08:08 am ET

'Neat Freaks': Woman Cleans All Day Long, Uses Three Bottles Of Bleach (VIDEO)

TLC continues to explore unusual obsessions in people. For their latest special, the spotlight fell on "Neat Freaks." Like their other shows, these people fall into the "extreme" category. For example, Alfreta proudly admits that she cleans literally all day every day.

Each day she goes through three bottles of bleach, and uses toothbrushes and toothpicks to ensure a thorough clean. She's even taken to traveling with her cleaning supplies so she can clean public areas she's at, too.

"I’ve heard on the doctor shows that anything people touch -- it’s a proven fact -- has feces and bacteria on it," Alfreta explained.

Her daughter thinks the fixation for Alfreta is pretty firmly on the feces part of that statement, saying, "You can’t go anywhere without her talking about feces."

As if to prove her right, Alfreta got into it some more. "You can’t rinse that off. You have to wash it off," she said.

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