12/06/2012 06:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2012

'Survivor: Philippines': Lisa Whelchel Breaks Down Upon Seeing Her Brother (VIDEO)

Former "Facts Of Life" child star Lisa Whelchel has had a very emotional journey on "Survivor: Philippines." A deeply religious woman, she has struggled with the deceit in the game. And yet, she has bucked the odds by playing a relatively clean game and still being in the thick of things.

It became clear pretty quickly that no one needed a visit from their loved one more than Lisa. When Jeff Probst brought out her brother, she ran to him while uncontrollably sobbing. People magazine talked with him, and he revealed he was shocked by her behavior.

"I wasn't prepared to see her at that level of desperation. It was immediately obvious she had hit rock bottom," he said. At the time of filming, Lisa had just finalized her divorce after 24 years of marriage.

The visit with her brother motivated her, and cleared her head as to what she needed to do to try and win. Suddenly, Abi looked like a better choice to keep around. She'd always known Malcolm was a threat, so she made a plan to eliminate him.

Of course, that meant he won Immunity. So Lisa just stuck by her alliance and said goodbye to Carter. As he'd gotten very little screen time all season, compared to the other five, it seemed rather inevitable.

"Survivor: Philippines" ends with its usual two-night finale, next Wednesday and Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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