12/07/2012 07:54 am ET

Decelerator Helmet Allows Humans To 'Slow Down' Time, Experience Life In 'Slow Mo' (VIDEO)

A German artist with some serious high-tech chops has created a piece of avant garde headgear that allows the wearer to slow down life.

The invention, dubbed the "Decelerator Helmet," is not that complicated, as Engadget explains:

It has a camera that feeds video to the head-mounted display inside, with the wearer (or someone else) able to control the speed of the video playback with a remote. A netbook stuffed in the top handles all the video processing, and an LCD on the outside offers passers-by a look at what the wearer sees.

According to his Vimeo profile, Lorenz Potthast is "interested in the relations between digital and analog, from planar to corporeal."

Potthast's says his idea was developed during a University of the Arts Bremen course about overstimulation in the Internet age. He explains the project a bit more on his Vimeo page:

The inconceivably [large] amount of information and influences in our everyday lives leads in many cases to an excessive demand. The idea to decouple the personal perception from the natural timing enables the user to become aware of his own time.

The Decelerator gives the user the possibility to reflect about the flow of time in general and about the relation between sensory perception, environment and corporality in particular. Also it dramatically visualizes how slowing down can potentially cause a loss of the present.

The futuristic helmet is currently on display at Best Of HfK Exhibition in Bremen.