12/07/2012 09:10 am ET

Eggnog Recipe: Paula Deen Demonstrates How To Make It Homemade (VIDEO)

If you're in need of an eggnog recipe -- and you should be, because no holiday season is complete without a homemade batch -- Paula Deen has got your back. Who better than the queen of butter to provide you with a rich, creamy, booze-filled recipe?

When it comes to eggnog, there's no holding back (and Paula never does). It's all about the eggs, sugar and cream. And more importantly, the booze. Check out the video above to see how she gets it done.

But if the thought of drinking a cup of raw eggs leaves you with the shakes -- eggnog does largely consist of completely raw eggs which poses the danger of salmonella poisoning -- try Martha Stewart's "safe" eggnog recipe. The baked eggnog method cooks egg yolks with milk and sugar to make a rich custard. The result is a little thicker than the traditional version, but tastes just as good. Just don't forget the spoon, which is the traditional way you're suppose to enjoy this drink anyway.

For some people it's not the eggs, but all the dairy, that makes eggnog nauseau inducing. We've got a solution for that too. You can make it with coconut and almond milk. (Clearly, we want to make sure everyone has eggnog this season.)

If all this sounds like too much work, just cut to the chase and buy eggnog (check out the best from our taste test). All you'll have to do is add the booze.

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If you have leftover eggnog, bake with it.

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