12/07/2012 07:08 am ET

'Neat Freaks': Man Sprays Dates With Hydrogen Peroxide Before Intimacy (VIDEO)

Meet a nice, good-looking guy. He's a fitness trainer, so you know he cares about taking care of himself. And he's clean. Impeccably clean. Then he suggests spraying you down with hydrogen peroxide before you get intimate. Well, that's a new one. Meet Caleb, who loves hydrogen peroxide, on "Neat Freaks."

The TLC special spotlighted people fixated on cleanliness, and Caleb's obsession sees him going through 60 ounces of the stuff each week.

"It’s endless what you can do with hydrogen peroxide," he said. "If you meet someone, you’re intimate with them -- it’s good to possibly use this on your body before and after sex."

He explained on a date that he keeps a bottle with him so he can spray the entire body of anyone he might get intimate with. It's an odd request, but this girl seemed to think it might be a bit of a turn on. Proof there's someone out there for virtually everyone, no matter their inclinations.

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