12/07/2012 07:48 am ET

'Shocking Family Secrets': Unbelievable Circumstances Brought Four Lost Siblings Together (VIDEO)

Randy was adopted, but he knew the names of his birth parents on "Shocking Family Secrets," but he never anticipated the way he would reconnect with them. He had just started work as a delivery guy, when a client mentioned that he and his delivery partner, Gary, looked alike.

For some reason, Randy made the connection and asked Gary his parents' names. They were the same as his.

"'Gary, you don’t even know what I’ve just uncovered,'" Randy said he told Gary. "He’s thinking I’m completely crazy."

Understandably, Gary was shocked. But the surprises didn't end there. Their story was so wild, it made the local news. There, Joanne saw it and recognized her birth parents' names, too.

With the story getting bigger, the three long-lost siblings were invited onto the "Today" show. Unbelievably, it wasn't over yet. They knew they had another sister out there, and it turned out she was watching, and recognized Joanne as her sister. That's right, Kathleen was a fourth lost sibling -- she knew Joanne was her sister, but had been told not to tell decades earlier. She knew nothing of their brothers.

As explained on "Today," the four all shared the same mother, who had mental problems and is now deceased.

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