12/10/2012 09:21 am ET

Behold, Far Cry 3, The First Video Game About Millennials | The Atlantic

In Far Cry 3, a stalling man-boy graduates from "first-world problems" to real-world problems.

You may know some people like Jason Brody. Jason recently graduated from college, and he's a little aimless. He's bored and seeks sensation. He spends money he doesn't seem to have on things he doesn't seem to need. He drinks and takes drugs and has meaningless sex. Though he can barely express himself, verbally, culturally, or morally, we sense that he has some kind of nebulous potential that he does not know how to fulfill.

Brody, the hero of Ubisoft's commendable new shooting game Far Cry 3, is unmistakably a Millennial, that subject of a thousand unsatisfying think pieces in a hundred magazines. I am a Millennial. We have: soaring self esteem that shatters on the beach break of employment; no chance in the global job market; great debt; no religion; a robust social media presence; access to a baffling array of subcultures; no idea when to get married; an unacceptably extended adolescence; the tatters of the American dream clasped like a talisman to our overprivileged breasts; a rotting Earth. Or so you've heard.

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