12/10/2012 07:42 am ET

I-90 Freeway Outside Chicago For Road Trippers (PHOTOS)

Interstate 90 is America's most northerly coast-to-coast highway, running from Boston through Chicago and across the plains all the way to Seattle. Though it is a major thoroughfare all along its immense length, it becomes a monster near the Windy City, where it goes by a variety of names, most notably Jane Addams Memorial Tollway. The stretch of I-90 running out of Chicago is the midwest's answer to L.A.'s 405, which means drivers will end up on it whether they planned to or not.

Here's a guide to getting off the I-90 between Chicago and Madison for people looking to take advantage of the area's charming smaller attractions. There are flowers, dinosaurs and pretty decent professional ball games on offer for those willing to turn right down an exit ramp and explore the medium size cities lining the route.

A final word of advice: Be on the lookout for diners.



Getting Off I-90 Between Chicago And Madison