12/10/2012 05:50 am ET

LeAnn Rimes Talks Negative Media Scrutiny Over Her And Eddie Cibrian On 'E! Special: LeAnn Rimes' (VIDEO)

LeAnn Rimes went from being world renowned for her vocal prowess to tabloid fodder. It all changed for her in 2009 when she hooked up with actor Eddie Cibrian. Rimes spoke with Giuliana Rancic about their relationship, and her tumultuous relationship with the media, on "E! Special: LeAnn Rimes."

The couple met on the set of a television movie back in 2009 when they were both married to other people. They then started an affair that would ultimately destroy both of their marriages. Since then, they have married one another and have been trying to move on with their lives.

Rimes did joke about her negative public image, but got emotional when talking about it at times. For three years, she's had her name drug through the mud and been called "homewrecker," among other less savory things.

"There comes so much beauty on the other side. If you just let it happen," Rimes said of the experience. Perhaps it wasn't the most ideal way for two people to find one another, but Rimes is very much in love, so she can have only so many regrets at how things went down.

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