12/10/2012 04:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Melissa Harris-Perry's Daughter Parker Interviews Gabrielle Douglas (VIDEO)

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Well, this was just adorable.

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry hosted Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas on her Sunday show but told viewers that someone else would be conducting the interview: Harris-Perry's 10-year-old daughter, Parker.

"When Parker heard that I'd met Gabrielle, she asked me if she could take over my regular 'Footnote' time and interview Gabrielle about her new book 'Grace, Gold and Glory,'" Harris-Perry said.

The MSNBC host tossed the segment over to Parker, who dutifully read off a list of questions for Douglas. Parker focused her questions on Douglas achieving her dream and advice to young girls.

Harris-Perry asked a few follow-up questions. A particularly endearing moment occurred when Harris-Perry asked Douglas if she ever finds herself clashing with her mom in typical teenage fashion.

"Now Parker and I are an only child daughter and a mom and I saw your mom here ... You know, Parker, you're going to be 11 pretty soon and sometimes, there's like mama-daughter things," Harris-Perry said as Parker rolled her eyes. "So how do you manage the mom-daughter stuff?"

"We definitely have mom-daughter stuff. I mean it's normal, we love each other," Douglas said.

Later, Harris-Perry turned the conversation and asked Parker about her own big dreams. Speaking to Douglas, Parker said, "Well I really like the fact that you were the first African American woman to go to the Olympics and win the gold medal so I kind of think my goal now is to sort of do that also."

"Oh you're going to go win a gold medal?" Harris-Perry asked. "Yeah. I'm going to bring it home," Parker said, flashing two thumbs up.

Finally, Harris-Perry revealed that in her household, the MSNBC host and her daughter bust out a little thing called "Doing The Gabby" after a big accomplishment. Naturally, interviewing Douglas warrants such an outburst. Looking good, Parker!

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