12/10/2012 11:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Middle Earth New Zealand: Twitter User Shows Passport Stamp From Country As 'Welcome To Middle Earth'

Ok, New Zealand, the Hobbit hoopla is getting to be a bit much.

It's totally adorable and understandable that you're proud of your role in the "Lord of The Rings" trilogy -- and even the upcoming "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," which premiered in Wellington at the end of November. We even thought it was cute when Air Zealand donned its planes in hobbit-mania and adopted a new hobbit-themed pre-flight safety video.

air new zealand the hobbit

But, we kind of think this new passport stamp might be a bit too much. There are other great things for New Zealand to show off, after all.

Twitter user Michael Tritter posted a photo he says is of his passport, showing off New Zealand's spiffy new stamp. Check it out below.

If this is indeed real, do you think New Zealand going overboard in its love (and promotion) of all things hobbit, or is it endearing? Leave it in comments.



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