12/10/2012 05:40 pm ET

Quiana Colbert, Single Mother And Stripper: 'Mommy Was Just Trying To Do What She Needed To Do' (VIDEO)

Quiana Colbert came on HuffPost Live Monday to discuss with Marc Lamont Hill her life as a single mother and stripper.

"[My son] never asks me, officially, what I do," she said. "He knows that Mommy makes money. He knows that he's taken care of, and that's as far as it goes right now."

Colbert acknowledged that she will one day have to have the conversation with her child, but says she plans to explain that she is doing what she needs to do to provide for her family.

"For the people who are parents, we all do what we have to do, no matter what that is," she said. "When I talk to him, I'll explain to him, like, listen: at the time, mommy was just trying to do what she needed to do."

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