12/10/2012 12:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Scott Pelley Is Really Ripped, And It's Kind Of Freaking Us Out (PHOTOS)

On Monday morning, HuffPost Media received this email from an anonymous tipster:

"I was watching 60 Minutes and Scott Pelley interviewed Hugh Jackman and also worked out with him and is totally jacked? Is that a known thing? Scott Pelley has guns!"

We'd only really seen Pelley clad in a suit, but we're dogged investigative reporters, so we fired up the relevant "60 Minutes" clip and were astonished to find that our tipster was absolutely correct. The CBS anchor could give Anderson Cooper a run for his money. Did we mention he's 55?

scott pelley

scott pelley

We have to admit, it was kind of weird to see this staid newsman suddenly hanging out in workout clothes and pumping iron! Maybe Pelley just wanted to follow in Cooper's "60 Minutes" footsteps.

Of course, he's no Hugh Jackman. That guy is from another planet or something:

hugh jackman



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