12/11/2012 04:14 pm ET

Suzanne Venker Follows Up On The 'War On Men,' Sounds Incredibly Retro (QUIZ)

When Fox News contributor Suzanne Venker wrote an article claiming that there was a "war on men" happening and that "women aren't women anymore," readers -- and women in the media -- responded with outrage.

The "largely negative response to the piece led Venker to pen a follow-up article titled Let's call a truce in the war on men" and discuss her views on FoxNews.com LIVE.

Venker's latest piece attempts to clarify her thoughts on the "gender war" and re-stated her claim that women are overly independent and combative toward men. She also posited that people are simply resistant to her ideas because they're the truth, and sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow. Venker wrote:

We live in a new world. But that doesn’t mean it’s a better world. Women are struggling more than ever with how to rectify their desire for independence with their desire for love. These two things can be reconciled. But you must first be open to ideas that sound blasphemous.

For all her talk of a "new world," we noticed that Venker's thoughts all sounded pretty retro. So we thought that we'd put our readers to the test. Can you tell Venker's (somewhat outrageous) statements from sexist statements a few women made over 30 years ago?

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QUIZ: Suzanne Venker or a retro woman?