12/10/2012 05:42 pm ET

The Trending 20: The Many Things Young People On Twitter Need Most

"The Trending 20" is a regular series where we round up interesting, informative and hilarious tweets from worldwide Twitter trending topics, fueled by young tweeters on the interwebs. Have one to submit? Give us a shout @HuffPostTeen.

Today, teens on the Twitterverse are thinking about the things that matter most to them in this world (perhaps something to do with the impending Mayan apocalypse happening later this month?). #ICantLiveWithout was a worldwide trending topic this morning, and while it covered the usual themes -- One Direction and Twitter, respectively -- the top 2 most meaningful items in the lives of young tweeters were a bit more sentimental: friends and family. Click through a sampling of the responses in the slideshow below and tell us: What is the ONE thing in this world you couldn't live without? Sound off in the comments or tweet @huffpostteen.



"I can't live without.."