12/20/2012 11:53 pm ET Updated Dec 21, 2012

'The X Factor' Finale: Did Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar Or Fifth Harmony Win? (VIDEO)

After a season of ups and downs -- though there was never much change at the very top of the leader board -- "The X Factor" finally crowned its Season 2 winner: Tate Stevens. In a new twist, viewers were shown the rankings of all of the finalists each week as the competition progressed. And throughout the season, only two people have sat at the top.

Stevens dominated most of the season, with Carly Rose Sonenclar taking the top spot only a couple of times. That pattern held in the final results, as Fifth Harmony had to settle for third place.

In the end, it was country crooner Tate Stevens who continued his streak at the top of the leader board, leaving Carly Rose Sonenclar in second place. It does make you wonder if "The X Factor" will be so transparent as to where everybody is ranking throughout the third season. Since the leader-board never really changed, there was no real surprise in the end.

Time to start the countdown to "The X Factor" Season 3, coming in Fall 2013 to Fox.

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