12/10/2012 03:08 pm ET

Vicodin Lunch Prank Brings Consequences For Indiana Middle School Students Who Spiked Food

Three students at John Young Middle School in Mishawaka, Ind., are facing disciplinary action for putting the prescription narcotic Vicodin in another student's lunch.

The victim's mother told WSBT that her son became ill about 20 minutes after eating his lunch. The seventh-grade boy says he walked away from his lunch briefly to speak to a teacher. When he returned, his food tasted bitter. The child subsequently suffered headaches and vomiting.

Superintendent Terry Barker says school officials deemed the painkiller stunt was intended as a prank. It is unclear the extent of the disciplinary action the offending students face, but Barker says they are no longer in school.

"What they think might be funny at the time is just something they don't think all the way through," Barker told WSBT. "And the goal of this is just to understand that this is just not something that we do."

The incident in Mishawaka is one of a number involving student food pranks gone wrong. A 61-year-old teacher in Charlotte, N.C., told police in October that a student spiked the teacher's coffee with GluteBoost, a pill that investigators said is a supplement that claims to plump one's bottom.

In a more serious case last May, a California high school student reportedly slipped dry erase cleaning fluid and bleach into a teacher's coffee while the educator's back was turned, according to NBC Bay Area.



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