12/11/2012 05:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Best Tumblrs For Women: 3 Blogs You Should Waste Time On During The 2012 Holiday Season

By: Leslie Meredith
Published: 12/10/2012 11:17 AM EST on TechNewsDaily

It's panic time. There are only two shopping weekends left until Christmas, and you may feel frazzled. Whether you need gift ideas or stress relief, these three Tumblrs will do the trick.

Target Does It Again
target tumblr

Finding the best deals can be tough in those huge box stores. TargetDoesItAgain, the brainchild of two moms, does the work for you. (They are not affiliated with the retailer.) The two women scour the aisles of Target, find their favorite items and post them to Tumblr, usually from the dressing room. A short description and the item's price accompany each photo. Most of the blog's posts show women's clothing, but the site also covers gifts for men, items with kid appeal and home decor. (You can find the blog on Instagram, too, under the same name.)

What Should We Call Girls?

girls tumblr

You've crossed off your Saturday to-dos and are ready for a distraction. Try the new blog on Tumblr that focuses on "Girls," this year's runaway hit on HBO. The blog turns scenes from the upcoming season into animated GIFs, those tiny looping clips, pairing them with a witty comment, meme-style. WSWCG welcomes contributions from viewers, as long as they use HBO clips. To learn how, see How to Make Your Own Animated GIFs .

And there's plenty of fodder from the show, which chronicles the escapades of a 20-something writer who finds herself on her own (meaning no more money from Mom and Dad) in Brooklyn with a couple of female roommates. Critics frequently characterize the show's humor as "raw," with the show finding the funny in things like having sex  with a psycho and accidentally doing crack. "Girls" is currently on break, but due to start up again on Jan. 13.

Your LL Bean Boyfriend

ll bean boyfriend tumblr

New last week to Tumblr is Your LL Bean Boyfriend, a blog started on a whim over the past weekend by a woman in Maine. It has taken social media by storm, garnering more than 22,000 shares on Facebook . And no wonder — it features posts of gorgeous LL Bean models, snapped from the online catalog and paired with statements that women wish their boyfriends would make, but likely never do. For instance:

Peter pushed the empty pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie ice cream that we’d just shared to the side of the coffee table so we could put our feet up. 'Whoa,' he said, putting his arm around me and leaning back on the couch. 'Food coma. It’s nap time.'

You can easily find these blogs, even on the go, using the new "find blogs" tool that Tumblr added to its mobile app this week.

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