12/11/2012 06:00 pm ET Updated Feb 10, 2013

Eric Holder: Voter Registration Should Be Automatic For Eligible Voters

BOSTON, Dec 11 (Reuters) - Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that U.S. election officials should register eligible voters automatically and take steps to reduce the long lines Americans confronted in national elections on Nov. 6.

In a speech in Boston, Holder became the highest-ranking official to call for voting changes since President Barack Obama expressed exasperation with the hours-long queues during his re-election victory speech.

"Modern technology provides ways to address many of the problems that impede the efficient administration of elections," Holder said, according to a copy of the speech obtained by Reuters prior to delivery. (Reporting by Scott Malone in Boston and David Ingram in Washington; Editing by Howard Goller)



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