12/11/2012 01:58 pm ET Updated Dec 11, 2012

'Ghosts In The Village': Jesse Parker Holmes Photos Show A Dark Greenwich Village After Hurricane Sandy (PHOTOS)

It's been well over a month since power was restored to Greenwich Village, and life there has returned basically back to normal. The memory remains, however, of the eerie darkness that set in over the neighborhood after Hurricane Sandy.

Photographer and Village resident Jesse Parker Holmes has put together a book of images from this former district of SoPo, titled "Ghosts In The Village." He described the blackout to The Huffington Post via email:

I've lived in Greenwich Village for almost 10 years. Walking around in a neighborhood you've known and spent so much time in, a place that you've called home and that is so suddenly deadened and quiet was eerie and unsettling. We felt completely cut-off, no power, heat, or hot-water. At-best, limited cell service. Going uptown, where everything was relatively normal, was such a surreal experience; sitting at a friend's apartment watching the news for the first time in days, realizing how extremely lucky we were considering the circumstances of far-less fortunate people on Staten Island, in New Jersey. If it was anything to us, it was an inconvenience, and not too much more. It made the drive back into the darkness of the Village that much easier, knowing that I still had a home, that my friends and family were safe.

When I realized we would not have power back for at least a week, I took advantage of the opportunity and the result is this collection of photos, and the book. It probably wasn't the safest or smartest thing to do, walking around in the dark, but in hindsight, it might not be something I or anyone else gets to see again.

Check out some of Holmes' photos below. For more, you can buy his book here.

"Ghosts In The Village" By Jesse Holmes