12/11/2012 12:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Human Barbie's Twin: Olga 'Dominica' Oleynik, Valeria Lukyanova Team Up (PHOTOS)

Is there room in Barbie's dream house for another bleach-blond, plastic wannabe?

Valeria Lukyanova, better known as the human Barbie doll, thinks so. The Ukranian model and Internet sensation has found herself a playmate in Olga 'Dominica' Oleynik, according to The Daily Mail.

The 24-year-old could almost pass as Lukyanova's twin, as both women boast terrifyingly tiny waists, busts seemingly larger than their heads, flaxen hair extensions and large, wide, dead-looking eyes.

The two met online five years ago and both hail from the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

"We were curious about our similarities. We had the same hairstyle, make-up, and even dressed in a similar way. Our friends were sure that we were blood sisters," Lukyanova told the U.K. outlet. "We are really sisters - but only in spiritual way. We have the same outlook and lifestyle."

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human barbie twin

Lukyanova has garnered plenty of buzz this past year for her doll-like looks, though some claim her plastic appearance is fake , and she owes her Mattel-inspired looks to photoshop.

Naysayers be damned, however, as Lukyanova and her near-twin plan on taking America by a storm -- with lectures on spirituality.

"We are planning to move to America soon. Dominica's boyfriend is living in the US and my husband wants to start a business there too," Lukyanova revealed. '"I am not going to be bored abroad, I'm often invited to photo-shoots and parties."

Watch out, America; the plastic princesses are on their way.

human barbie twin

human barbie twin

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Valeria Lukyanova