12/11/2012 11:00 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2012

Stephen Colbert Mocks Roger Ailes Urging Gen. Petraeus To Run For President (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert mocked the recent sandal involving Fox News chief Roger Ailes and Gen. David Petraeus on his Monday night Comedy Central show.

Ailes, who Colbert fondly referred to as "Fox News chairman and goblin king," made headlines after a secretly recorded tape revealed that he told a Fox News analyst to tell Petraeus that he should run for president.

Colbert played part of the recording in which Petraeus joked about Ailes wanting him to run in the 2012 election, and News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch suggesting he would fund the campaign.

"So if Petraeus ran for president, Rupert Murdoch would fund it, Roger Ailes would run it, and Fox News would sell it to their audience," Colbert said. "If you think about it, a news network choosing the candidate sounds like a conflict of interest—so don't think about it."

Colbert then joked that if Fox News can push to nominate Petraeus, and MSNBC can push to nominate a candidate like Hillary Clinton, then why not open it up to all cable channels—like A&E and Food Network.

This made him think. "Why can't a comedy network put up a candidate president?" he wondered, referring to himself. "Or, folks, at the very least get him appointed to the U.S. Senate."



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