12/11/2012 09:49 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2012

Twinkies Final Shipment: Jewel, Chicago-Area Grocery Chain, Receives 'Last' Snacks In Nation

What is "believed to be" the last shipment of Hostess Brand's iconic Twinkies in the country will hit the shelves in Chicago beginning Tuesday morning, not far from where the snack originated 82 years ago.

Select Chicago-area Jewel-Osco stores on Tuesday are expected to receive their share of more than 20,000 boxes of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Zingers and Orange Cupcakes. The grocery chain has shared a list of which specific stores will be getting the Hostess shipment and when they'll be receiving the popular snack cakes.

Customers were scooping up the snacks early Tuesday. One man at a Jewel on the city's Northwest Side walked off with 16 boxes of Twinkies, according to ABC Chicago. Another area Jewel sold out of the treats shortly after 7 a.m., the Tribune reports.

According to the chain, the Hostess snacks will be sold at their regular price, while supplies last. There is no limit to how many snacks can be purchased by any given customer.

The Twinkie traces its roots to a Schiller Park, Ill. bakery where, in 1930, James Dewar turned his sponge cake dreams into reality. Prior to Hostess's announcement that it is closing, Twinkie's flagship Schiller Park bakery was the small Cook County village's largest employer.

Chicago was previously named the "Twinkie Capital of the World" as it was home to the nation's highest per capita consumption of the treat. A Chicago-area restaurant last week handed out 10,000 of the treats as part of a giveaway promotion.



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