12/12/2012 08:12 am ET

'Amish Mafia' Premiere: Official Backmailed With Pictures Of Him With A Prostitute (VIDEO)

After the success of "Breaking Amish," it's no wonder there's already a new series further exploring that community. Because of their isolation and rejection of modern technology, there is still a lot about their way of life that people don't understand. But is "Amish Mafia" the show to do that?

The series follows Lebanon Levi, who is the leader of this "mafia." He works outside the laws of the Amish community in order to protect it from corruption and outside influences. In this premiere episode, that meant confronting an Amish official who'd been sleeping with a prostitute.

His team gathered photographic evidence, and then Levi confronted the man. While he didn't allow video, there was audio of the exchange -- or was it audio of a reenactment of the encounter; the show admits to using them.

"Why don’t I just make you disappear for awhile, and get out of the area and get yourself straightened out?" Levi told the official.

But how much of what is shown is real? The Hollywood Reporter thinks a lot of "Amish Mafia" looks staged, though they applauded the educational aspects of the show, and hopes it can avoid going down the more sensational route promos seem to promise.

Keep up with "Amish Mafia" on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Discovery.

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