12/12/2012 09:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Anthony Bourdain Shows Up On 80's Magazine Cover, ZAT, For Sale On eBay

Notice anything familiar about the skulking silhouette in the background of this 1985 cover of underground zine ZAT?

According to an eBay listing, that's Anthony Bourdain -- which is believable not least because the cover features the phrases "Haute cuisine," "hard drugs" and "homicide." Well, the first two make sense, and two out of three ain't bad.

anthony bourdain 80s magazine

It's hard to make out Bourdain's features on the cover, but his lanky frame and long face are dead giveaways. He must have posed for this photo after this one -- he'd definitely had a hair cut.

To refresh your memory, zines are small circulation, self-published magazines that were especially popular in the 1980s and 90s before the rise of the internet.

The issue reportedly features a short story written by Bourdain called "Mermaids Singing, Each to Each," which is also believable since Bourdain churned out stories years before his days of "Kitchen Confidential" and "Medium Raw."

As best we can tell, ZAT was produced by a shop called SohoZat that opened in 1978 in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood. At the time, Soho was a bohemian area befitting of such an outfit, which sold underground reading material like subversive comics and foreign newspapers, among other things.

The eBay listing currently prices the magazine at $25.00, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than a copy of Lucky Peach's sold-out inaugural issue that's going for $162.50.

UPDATE: It's been sold!



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