12/12/2012 08:17 am ET Updated Dec 12, 2012

'New Girl': Nick And Jess Give Each Other Love Advice (VIDEO)

The holiday season struck "New Girl" and the gang decided to spend a night together hitting as many holiday parties as they could. But those fans hoping for a Nick-Jess romance didn't get their holiday wish this year. In fact, they were actively pushing away from each other, in the most helpful way possible.

Nick and Jess aren't on the same page as those fans anyway, when it comes to relationships. There may be an attraction between them, but neither is willing to admit that just yet. The growing they're doing as people in other relationships may be just what they need to eventually find one another, should the show choose to go in that direction.

For now, Nick has his hands quite full with his stripper girlfriend Angie, played by Olivia Munn. She's a little more wild than he can handle, and after a mishap in a sled, he was thinking he might be done with her. But a pep talk from Jess convinced himself to put himself out there and win her back.

Nick's pep talk for Jess convinced her to give Sam another chance. He'd been chasing her from party to party all night, so finally she went to the hospital and told him she was ready to try again. Nick and Jess may not be together, but at least they're both happy.

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