12/12/2012 01:45 pm ET

Rare Civil War Photographs Revealed At Auction

RR Auction

A collection of rare, well-preserved Civil War photos were revealed this week at a live auction in Nashua, New Hampshire.

A total of 97 items, including photos and handwritten letters, are expected to "fetch tens of thousands of dollars," Daily Mail reports. Also up for auction are the signatures of all 56 individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence.

The Daily Mail reports:

Touted as the Proctor-Sang-Newell Collection, the signatures are from three privately owned collections, the first completed by Thomas R Proctor in 1905 before its gradual sale.

Purchased by Richard Newsell in 2002 in a private sale from Philip D. Sang before transitioning to auction this week, the auction house writes:

'It is believed that together with the additions made by Richard Newell, this will be the largest offering of individual Signers in the past fifty years.'

Below, a slideshow of some of the photos:

Rare Civil War Photographs Revealed