12/12/2012 08:36 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2012

SFPD Joyride Video Allegedly Shows Off-Duty Officer Doing 100 MPH -- Was Alcohol Involved?

Drunken off-duty San Francisco Police Department officers doing 100 mph in Lamborghini?

That's what's alleged in a video, recently unearthed by SFist, which was posted to Facebook by SFPD officer Sergeant Carl T (nee Carl Tennenbaum).

"Broadway tunnel. 100 Miles per hour in the Lambo," the post read.


The video, apparently taken this September, shows the driver accelerating from a complete stop, speeding eastbound through San Francisco's Broadway Tunnel and slowing down before coming out the other side.

As CBS News, the speed limit through the tunnel is 35 mph and "the daytime speeding incident is particularly brazen given the fact that the tunnel regularly backs up due to clogged traffic conditions on the Eastern side."

The post associated with the video has since been taken down, but SFist uploaded the video to Vimeo and took screencaps of some of the comments left by other SFPD officers. In those comments, the Sgt. T, who had his name legally changed from Tennenbaum when department brass said he couldn't use his longtime nickname on his badge, joked, "it's roomier than you'd think. Plus, we were all drunk."

Judging solely from the video itself, it's impossible to determine the identity of the driver or if that person was intoxicated when it was made.

T allegedly got in hot water with the department last year when slamming the department's participation in a reality TV show during in SF Weekly interview.

"There's enough legit crime in this city--why do you want to create more?" T explained to SF Weekly. During the interview, he also called then-SFPD chief George Gascon, now the city's district attorney, a "media whore."

According to some math done by a commenter on the SFist post, a more precise estimate of the car's speed going through the tunnel was 74 mph, rather than 100.

An SFPD spokesperson declined to comment on the video pending an administrative investigation.

Watch the video below: