12/12/2012 05:56 pm ET

Stop-Motion Proposal Proposal Wows Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Tim Burton would definitely approve of this marriage proposal.

A Colorado man showed off his video editing skills when he created a stop-motion animated film to propose to his girlfriend of six years. The video, posted to YouTube last month, consists of more than 800 photos Eliu Hernandez took of his right hand holding coins, crayons, glass, coal and finally a ring, edited together so it appears Hernandez's hand is moving.

Hernandez told Denver news station KUSA-TV on Saturday that he spent 10 hours taking the photographs and editing them together. When he finished, he asked his girlfriend, Marissa Martinez, to look at a project he had been working on.

"He was watching my expression the whole time, and my jaw dropped towards the end," Martinez said. "I couldn't answer him right away because I was just crying so hard."

The hours Hernandez spent creating his unique proposal paid off -- Martinez said yes. Watch the entire video above.

Back in June, another lovestruck filmmaker used LEGOS to create a stop-motion film to propose to his girlfriend.

In fact, 2012 has been full of epic marriage proposals -- who can forget the "Marry You" lip dub or the man who faked his death? See the 12 best proposals of the year in the slideshow below.

Best Marriage Proposals Of 2012

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