12/12/2012 01:11 pm ET

Suitcase Full Of Pot: Jimmie Medcalf, Charles Scott Arrested For Packing Quite The Stash

When police stopped two men near the Fourth Avenue Metra station in Naperville, Ill. Sunday, it wasn't exactly for a routine luggage check.

Jimmie L. Medcalf, 29, and Charles W. Scott, 42, both of Chicago, were arrested Sunday on charges of cannabis trafficking after police nabbed the pair transporting a suitcase full of medical grade marijuana, reports the Naperville Sun.

The contents of the suitcase were valued at nearly $60,000, according to CBS Chicago. The Sun said the pair was picked up after detectives received a tip from a law enforcement agency in California.

The operation, described in detail by the Sun, involved informants, a stakeout and a foot chase through the parking lot of the Metra station before both suspects were apprehended.

Medcalf was arrested first, at 2:37 p.m. according to Naperville Patch, with Scott arrested just two minutes later. Both men face charges of cannabis trafficking and manufacturing/delivery of cannabis and were taken to DuPage County Jail where they remain on $250,000 bail.



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