12/12/2012 05:06 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2012

Worst Winter Weather Cities 2013: We Asked Farmer's Almanac And The Weather Channel To Find Out Who Will Get The Worst This Season

We salute those who can -- but we'll never move here.

Though winter is just about upon us, we've been dragging our feet to bust out the parka. Even though we live in the Northeast, where snow and slush (and everything in between) are a reality from the months of December all the way through to April, we tend to treat the onset of said weather conditions with dread, gloom and occasionally, panic. Meanwhile, our Midwestern friends laugh at us, saying that any East Coast snow accumulation is child's play.

So, in an attempt to settle the score, we turned to that oracle of long-term weather forecasts, The Farmer's Almanac. The 194-year-old publication compiled a list of the worst winter weather cities based on data from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and “some plain common sense.”

And OK, Midwest, you win.

Many of the cities are located in the "flyover states" and include Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit -- all which fall victim to severe temperatures, heavy snow fall and significant rain year after year.

With the exception of Boston, there wasn't much East Coast love. (If you can call being on a list like this as anything close to "love.") Even though there was that one winter where it snowed every other week in NYC. Not one to give up on a debate, we reached out to our good friends at The Weather Channel and spoke with senior meteorologist, Jonathan Erdman to get his thoughts. "A lot of Midwest cities in that list. Being a native Midwesterner, I can attest to the cloudy, cold, dreary winters,” he said.

But as we suspected Erdman believes there are a two key New York cities that should be on that list: Buffalo and Syracuse. Erdman said that Syracuse picks up three times as much snow as Chicago and Buffalo gets 28 inches more snow than Cleveland.

And that’s not all.

Seattle also has a rough winter. “Frequent rain, drizzle and low clouds [in the city] then, when the stormy pattern breaks, you can have dense fog hang in Puget Sound for at least much of the morning,” Erdman said. "It might also make sense to pick an Alaskan city [to add to the list].”

Erdman notes Fairbanks have it bad when it comes to cold, while Anchorage and Juneau not only have heavy snow but also strong Pacific storms are responsible for hight winds and heavy snow.

Click through our slideshow to see the full list of Worst Winter Weather Cities and head over to The Farmer’s Almanac for more information.

Worst Winter Weather Cities

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