12/13/2012 03:00 pm ET

Barbara Walters Interviews One Direction: Boy Band Interviewed On '10 Most Fascinating People' Segment (WATCH)

We've said that 2012 was the year of Taylor Swift, but arguably, it's also been the year of One Direction. With their rise to international mega-stardom, a world tour and release of their highly successful sophomore album "Take Me Home," the five British boys are well on their way to world domination. Recently, veteran journalist Barbara Walters interviewed the band for her "10 Most Fascinating People Of 2012" segment, which aired last night on ABC.

Walters wasn't shy about broaching the big topics in her conversation with the boys, including Harry Styles' taste for older women, Zayn's gravity-defying coif, and the guys' talent for catching bras onstage.

"Harry actually made an amazing catch once when we were onstage and someone threw a bra," Liam told Walters. "He was in the middle of a solo and just went 'boom' and just caught it out of the sky."

For adults who may not be clued in to the cultural phenom that is One Direction, Walters walked through all the basics on the five boys. As she points out, their first album debuted in the US at number one on the charts -- a feat not even The Beatles accomplished in their heyday.

Walters asked the guys whether they've gotten used to the monumental fame they've achieved in just two short years.

"It's amazing and we can't believe all the success and stuff that we've had so far," said Liam. "It's just been a mad, wild ride really."

Watch the video above to see the full interview, in which the band members discuss dating, crazy fan experiences, and the possibility of solo careers (hint: it's not gonna happen).

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