12/13/2012 11:14 am ET

Burger Urge Condom Promotion: Australian Eatery Prompts Controversy With Provocative Stunt

An Australian burger restaurant is dropping an unusual item in Brisbane mailboxes as part of a controversial new ad campaign: condoms.

The prophylactics, which are being distributed by an eatery called Burger Urge, come in packets inscribed with the tagline, "get intimate with our new premium beef."

Burger Urge owner Sean Carthew told Quest Community Newspapers that he's unsurprisingly received a fair share of complaints, at least one from a parent concerned that a child might find the condom. Others promised never to patronize Burger Urge. But Carthew defended the move, saying that the eatery has "some big franchise competitors and we're a small business... We're just trying to be a little bit creative about how we can market.''

Carthew added that he thought the hubbub was a bit of an overreaction. ''People jump up and down like it's an outrage but there are wars going on," he said.

By the looks of Burger Urge's website and Facebook page, the eatery certainly isn't backing off on the campaign. Many comments appear in support of it, although some question its effectiveness.

"Doesn't offend me but doesn't make me laugh and doesn't make me want a burger," wrote Facebook user Luke Sandalls.

Others, like Facebook user Ross Currie, decided to take the joke into their own hands. "Udderly ridiculous! People who take issue with this promotion should moove on," he wrote. "What a load of bull.... Bet those cow-ards wouldn't say it to your face!"



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