12/13/2012 09:48 am ET

David Hill, Kansas Man, Gets Fined $300 After Decorating Truck With 856 Christmas Lights For Charity (PHOTOS)

Talk about an outlet for creativity. A Kansas man has decorated his truck with 856 Christmas lights.

David Hill of Wichita, Kan., pulled the colorful stunt as a way to raise awareness and money for his charity -- but in doing so, he has received a $300 fine from the Wichita Police Department, reports.

"When you take a vehicle and you cover it with that many lights, it's an issue of safety," Lt. Joe Schroeder with the Wichita Police Department told "You're going to get the rubberneckers who are going to be staring at the vehicle. They're going to have a collision or rear end somebody because they're too busy looking at this car that's driving down the road," he told the news outlet.

Hill uses the truck to raise awareness for his charity, One Spark Can Start A Fire, which encourages others to perform acts of kindness, according to its website.

Hill spent 16 hours decking out his ride, which is powered by an 8,000 watt generator, reports. He’s been driving the decorated truck for three weeks and, despite the ticket, is not taking the lights down, he told

This Christmas, Hill is using his beaming truck to raise awareness for his charity’s coat drive for the homeless this weekend, according to

He started the organization in 1998 after sharing a conversation with a stranger that prevented her from committing suicide.

“I don’t know much, but I do know one thing, you can make a difference with just a word,” Hill writes on the charity’s website. Following his experience, Hill’s charity now operates 10 do-gooder programs from offering free home repairs to organizing anti-bullying initiatives.

Hill said he refuses to let the hefty fine spoil his Christmas spirit.

“A lady when I was getting my coffee today said ‘Hey, my husband died last week but this made me smile,’” Hill told “It’s over and over again people say, 'Hey I’ve had a crappy day and those lights made me smile.’”



David Hill's Christmas Light Truck