12/13/2012 01:38 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Dwight Howard 'Save The Centers' PSA: Lakers Star In New NOC Parody Video (VIDEO)

Many athletes start charities to target issues that hit especially close to home. Now, for his own survival, Dwight Howard is leading the fight against the extinction of an increasingly rare species: the NBA center.

The Los Angeles Lakers big man starred in a new PSA produced by The NOC in which he implores us to "Save the Centers" in the wake of the position being eliminated from the 2013 NBA All-Star ballot. With the role of the center in steep decline, Howard has started the Center Center for Centers to rehabilitate big men and turn them into point guards.

Set to Sarah McLachlan's heart-wrenching "Angel" -- noted for its use in animal abuse PSAs -- the video shows Howard attempting to teach himself how to dribble, make a layup without dunking, and squeeze his Size 18s into smaller sneakers fit for non-endangered NBA player.

Howard urges viewers to call a number and visit a website to donate to the Center. According to a behind-the-scenes video featuring The NOC's Executive Producer, Erik Kesten, they are a real, working phone number and website in which callers can leave a message to pledge their support for the cause.

McLachlan's anthem has been used in sports parody videos before. In 2010, the song set the stage for a PSA detailing the plight of the MLB free agent.



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