12/13/2012 12:12 am ET

Inspirational Tweets: 12 Of The Wisest Twitter Accounts Worth Following

Can you be inspiring in 140 characters or less?

This year, Twitter surpassed 500 million users, and while tweets from such a large base are surely not all inspiring, we'd prefer to focus on the ones that are. So we decided to highlight the top 12 "tweetspiring" nuggets of wisdom received from our favorite Twitter users in 2012.

Of course we'd like to include ourselves on the list (Have you seen our #morningmantras?), but instead opted to highlight some other stars who really knock it out of the park. Scroll through the slideshow below and get ready to click "follow" -- you are sure to be inspired, uplifted and motivated.

While you're basking in the wisdom of our Tweeps, let us know: did we miss anyone? You can tell us in the comments below, or tweet at us @GPSforSoul.

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