12/13/2012 03:46 pm ET

Salvation Army Receives Wedding Ring In Red Kettle, Unsure If It Was Donated By Mistake (VIDEO)

After years of finding gold coins and casino chips in its red kettles, the Salvation Army has gotten used to receiving some unusual items over the holidays. But one bell-ringer recently received something he’s never seen before.

After an Enid, Okla., volunteer sorted through his stash of change and bills at the end of his shift, he found a wedding ring in his bucket, KFOR reports.

“They were astonished because they had never seen something like that. And they were concerned,” Salvation Army’s Major John Dancer told ABC News of the find.

While the organization is thrilled to have received such a valuable piece of jewelry, it isn’t sure that that the ring was dropped intentionally.

In case it was dropped in the bucket by mistake, the organization is waiting 90 days for the ring to be claimed, according to KFOR. To make sure that only the rightful owner comes forward, the Salvation Amry is releasing few details about the ring.

“It could be intentional,” Dancer told ABC News. “Maybe somebody is going through a divorce, and putting the ring toward something good. I just hope it wasn’t passed down from someone’s mother.”



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