12/14/2012 02:38 pm ET

Anita Alvarez '60 Minutes' Interview Blasted As 'Misleading' After State's Attorney Sifts Through Hate Mail

After being drubbed in the press for her disastrous "60 Minutes" interview, Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez is crying foul.

The Dec. 9 segment exploring Chicago's purported status as the nation's "false confession capital” contained the interview Alvarez is now blasting as a “misrepresentation of the facts,” according to the Sun-Times.

On Wednesday, Alvarez sent a letter to CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager to voice her displeasure writing: "Disappointed does not even begin to describe my reaction to the one-sided and extremely misleading story."

(Read Anita Alvarez's letter blasting CBS.)

Alvarez was roundly criticized by everyone from political bloggers to advocates for the wrongfully incarcerated, with even mainstream outlets sharpening their talons over the interview, calling it "career suicide."

The most damming part of Alvarez's interview was arguably the portion involving the "Dixmoor Five" case: in it, Alvarez appears to support a far-fetched theory about necrophelia that prosecutors originally used to explain DNA evidence findings. In her letter, obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Alvarez said she does not, in fact, believe the theory, and notes she was not involved with the case in any way.

"She's gotten hate mail, things you couldn't even publish," Alvarez spokeswoman Sally Daly told the Tribune.