12/14/2012 07:40 am ET

'Shocking Family Secrets': Man Repressed Memories That His Father Was A Serial Killer (VIDEO)

On "Shocking Family Secrets," Travis Vining was having inexplicable medical issues -- major back pains, frequent fevers and migraines, sleep apnea -- so what was wrong? To try and get to the root of the matter, Vining started journaling. While doing so, he triggered a horrifying memory he'd blocked from 1987.

"Terror welled up inside of me," Vining said. "My father was a serial killer and I knew all about it!"

He recalled a story his father, John, had told him in a bar one time. "Having him describe to me killing two other people in a way that seemed to bring out pride ... was not something I was ready to deal with at the time."

This memory came back almost 20 years after it occurred. Travis went to police and they asked him to wear a wire and go talk to his father, who was already in prison for other crimes.

John Vining did confess, and then plead guilty for the murders. He was given two life sentences. This, though he was already sentenced to death row for another murder.

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