12/14/2012 10:20 am ET Updated Dec 21, 2012

Sierra Nevada Plays Up Small Business Roots In New Ad (VIDEO)

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the makers of the country's second-highest-selling craft beer, released a video yesterday to launch a new branding endeavor. The film is made by ad agency Digital Kitchen and features images of the company's early days, as well as beautiful landscapes. Agency Spy wonders if Sierra Nevada is hoping to reach the "outdoorsy-hipster market" with it.

The video features snaps of the company's founder, Ken Grossman, in the 80s, bearded and rocking thick-rimmed glasses. When discussing Sierra Nevada's beginnings, Grossman says, "90 percent or more hated it, but the 10 percent that loved it loved it." Accompanying this dialogue are stop-motion shots of the mountain range after which the company is named.

The film also features fans of the beer paying homage to the brand with homemade, YouTube-like videos, and groups of 20-somethings enjoying Sierra Nevada around campfires or in dive bars.

Pabst Blue Ribbon may dominate the urban hipster market thanks to its low price and ironic appeal, but Sierra Nevada might have found a niche amongst outdoor enthusiasts.

The video accompanies a new website -- Sierra Nevada's first in ten years. Check it out, and share your thoughts in the comments!

CORRECTION 12/21: An earlier version of this piece had a headline referencing the company marketing toward hipsters. We've altered the headline and modified the text to reflect a more accurate depiction of the video.



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