12/14/2012 09:02 am ET

Top Satellite Images Of 2012, Via DigitalGlobe (PHOTOS)

DigitalGlobe / Getty Images

The year is drawing to a close, and DigitalGlobe has published its selection of the top 20 satellite images of 2012.

According to a written statement, the company's satellites have been hard at work capturing images of "natural disasters, political issues, natural wonders and current events." Now they're hoping public input will help whittle down those top 20 images to one top satellite photo of 2012.

All 20 photos are spectacular in their own sense: a cloud-covered Mt. Fuji looks more like a dandelion; the toppled Costa Concordia cruise-ship looks like a toy in the bath; and the Burning Man festival could very well be a massive alien hieroglyph.

Votes for the top images can be submitted on DigitalGlobe's Facebook page through Dec. 19. The No. 1 photo will be released sometime in January.

The top 20 satellite images of 2012, per DigitalGlobe:

PHOTOS: Top Satellite Images Of 2012