12/15/2012 11:27 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2012

Ja'Nielle Gendelman's House Smashed By 12-ton Boulder

Whoever said it never rains in southern California must have rocks in their heads.

And, because of a recent rainstorm in the area, Ja'Nielle Gendelman, 69, has a 12-ton boulder smack dab in the middle of her home.

The giant rock rolled onto her house in Poway, Calif., on Thursday and, in the process, wiped out her garage and crushed gas and electric lines, according to KSWB-TV.

Heavy rains had apparently dislodged the boulder from a nearby hill. It rolled several hundred feet before crashing in Gendelman's home, according to the Associated Press.

"I opened the back kitchen door and I saw that the patio had fallen down and I turned to the right and I saw trees and the back fencing," Gendelman, who has lived in the house for five years, told KGTV-TV.

When she opened her garage door, she was stunned to see the 5-foot boulder on the concrete, and a gaping hole in the side of the garage that faces the hillside, the station reported.

The rolling boulder also split open a propane gas line and knocked over garden chemicals, including malathion and a can of gasoline. The mixture prompted fire officials to shut off the propane tank and call for a hazardous materials crew, reported.

Poway Fire Division Chief Kevin Hitchcock told the website that chlorine bleach neutralized the spilled chemicals, but Gendelman will have to hire a private company for cleanup.

As far as removing the boulder? That's the 12-ton question Gendelman is still asking. She said her insurance agent told her the damage may not be covered.

"This is really upsetting because this is my only home and I had to pay extra to insure against damage from natural disasters like earthquakes,” she told ABC News. “I mean, what will I do with this big rock in my garage? Can’t they at least seal the walls?”



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