12/17/2012 06:45 am ET Updated Dec 17, 2012

'Ice Loves Coco': Coco Says Six Month In Vegas Is 'Like A Whole Year' (VIDEO)

Coco got a huge opportunity, though it wasn't quite as big as she thought it was, on "Ice Loves Coco." She was invited to star in the Las Vegas revue "Peepshow." It was an exciting opportunity for her, though she struggled to grasp how long they were wanting her to perform.

"You’re gonna have to move to Vegas, OK?" her agent explained. "We’re talking nine shows a week. But we’re looking at a six month time commitment here."

"That’s like a whole year," Coco said.

"A half a year," her agent said patiently.

Still, that time commitment was even a bit too much for the reality star. Instead, she agreed to a three-month contract. Even that was enough to get her in some very public hot water with husband Ice-T. After some pictures of her getting cozy with another rapper hit the web, Coco tried to downplay it publicly. But when Ice-T went to Twitter to voice his strong displeasure, she went online as well to apologize to him.

Still, it looks like the couple has patched things up, as they've been spotted out and about getting "cozy" since the scandal, according to Us Magazine.

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