12/17/2012 01:48 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2012

JetBlue Delivers Farewell Letters To Be Buried With 6-Year-Old Newtown Shooting Victim Noah Pozner

To one family hit by the Newtown tragedy, JetBlue is flying higher after it delivered relatives' goodbye letters to be buried with 6-year-old victim Noah Pozner on Monday, MSN reported.

Travelers Today reported that a friend of Noah's aunt, Victoria, asked several airlines via Twitter to help deliver the letters from Noah's relatives on Sunday after Victoria was unable to use a typical mail carrier on such a tight deadline.

Within minutes, MSN reported, JetBlue responded in the affirmative. "It's the least we can do to help a family that's been so tragically affected," JetBlue tweeted. "We're honored to do it."

Using the hashtag #LoveforNoah, Victoria, who goes by @VDog on Twitter, tweeted today, "My friends at @JetBlue really took a risk taking on this huge responsibility and we will all be eternally grateful."

Noah's parents had requested that family members who couldn't attend the funeral pen letters to Noah to be buried with him, JSpace reported. The ceremony is scheduled for Monday at the Abraham L. Green and Son Funeral Home in Fairfield, Conn.

"He was just a really lively, smart kid," his uncle, Alexis Haller of Woodinville, Wash., has told news outlets. "He would have become a great man, I think. He would have grown up to be a great dad."

Other companies have also stepped up in the wake of the tragedy. The New England Patriots donated $25,000 to the affected families, reported.