12/17/2012 05:25 pm ET

Linsanity Returns: A Roundtable On Jeremy Lin Vs. The Knicks

The Eye on Basketball writers reflect on Jeremy Lin's meteoric rise in New York, his departure, and how the move has worked out for the Rockets and Knicks.

Matt Moore: So Jeremy Lin and his sanity returns to New York tonight, and there's at least a little bit of fan and team emotion built up inside this game. Some fans (and a lot of media) are vindictive towards Lin for leaving, and feeling pretty good that the Knicks, at least over the first month of the season, won the decision to jettison Lin and bring in Raymond Felton. Others are still kind of sad that they let Lin go, and wonder what Lin would be like on a team with as much talent as the Knicks. It's a sticky situation all over and yet more pressure for Lin to try and play through.

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