12/17/2012 04:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Longchamp Maybe Photoshops One Model, Leaves Coco Rocha Unscathed: UPDATED (PHOTOS)

We've always thought Coco Rocha's ad campaign for Longchamp was pretty perfect -- how can you argue with a smiley model, an old-timey bicycle and the streets of Paris? (Answer: you can't.)

But our pals at Photoshop Disasters recently pointed out that one of Rocha's Longchamp print ads is not completely perfect. In fact, one of the models might be missing her legs.

Check out the spot in question, which shows Coco steering a bike with another model pal, Emily DiDonato, riding on top. From the other ads in the campaign you can see that the women are riding a tandem bike, meaning Emily wouldn't be standing with her legs straight down. But last time we checked, bike pedals typically work like this: one foot goes up while the other foot pushes down. So why can't we see either of Emily's feet? It could be that both are up and she's coasting... but somehow she's also standing tall above Coco. Photoshop much?

Hey, it wouldn't be the first (or second or third or fourth) time. Even Rocha has been an airbrushing victim before and she is not a fan.

UPDATE: Thank goodness for Coco Rocha herself, who was able to explain the mystery of Emily's "missing feet." According to a blog post posted by the model on her Tumblr, Emily was "just balancing with her feet on the seat behind me. Skillful, I know, but no photoshop disaster this time." She even included a helpful behind-the-scenes photo. Case closed -- and color us impressed with the models' balancing skills.


longchamp photoshop

longchamp photoshop

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