12/17/2012 03:05 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2012

Recovering Meth Addict Sees Faces Of Meth As A Way To Prevent Tragedy (VIDEO)'s recent anti-meth campaign, featuring faces of persons addicted to meth, has made its way around the Internet, with some researchers describing the campaign as an ineffective form of "health terrorism." But for one recovering addict, the photos are an important reminder of the life he left behind.

"My life is an open book. That's the only way that's going to keep me on the straight path," recovering meth addict James Garza told HuffPost Live host Catherine Day. "What [the campaign] does is it reminds me of where I was, and where I don't want to ever be again."

Garza said he supports the campaign as an effort to prevent others from following his spiral into addiction.

"If my ugly mug shot was to help somebody, I'd say post it on every poster you can," he said.

Also joining the discussion were Bret King, who created Faces of Meth campaign, Jimmy Palmieri, founder of Tweakers Project, Abhilash Patel, a founder of, and John De Miranda from Faces & Voices of Recovery.

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